Onboard lobster fishing

These paintings explore the timeless beauty of watercolor as a medium to depict people engaged in their daily work. Each brushstroke captures the essence of these laborers, their dedication, and the stories that unfold in their tasks.

The latest series, "Watercolour Realities" is a unique fusion of traditional watercolour painting and cutting-edge augmented reality technology. What sets "Watercolour Realities" apart is the integration of augmented reality. By scanning the watercolour painting’s QR code with a mobile app or device, viewers are transported into an immersive digital realm. Here, the scenes come to life. This dynamic interaction invites the audience to engage with the narratives he’s crafted on a deeper level.

Ultimately, "Watercolour Realities" celebrates the human spirit, the dignity of labor, and the wonder of artistic experimentation. Through this series, he hopes to provoke contemplation, empathy, and appreciation for the everyday work that surrounds us, bridging the gap between art, technology, and human experience.